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Nimboo Fruitchill

Our tangy Nimboo FruitChill is reminiscent of this sun-soaked hunger for a tasty and calming glass of Shikanji after playing for hours with your colony friends or a long day at school. Whether it was a way to soothe the pain of a bruised knee that you were trying your best to hide from your parents or a sweet way to take your mind off of the heartbreak from a lost game, the taste of Nimboo FruitChill is inspired by this nostalgia of carefree childhood days.

Rs. 1.00

Why We love the  Nimboo Fruitchill 

  • With the Nimboo FruitChill, you can experience the joy of eating fresh fruit all year round. Say goodbye to the hassle of having to prepare or look for fresh produce. Turn to FruitChill for a reliable and revitalising snack on a hot day or a delicious thirst quencher on just about any day.

  • Part of the famous citrus family, did you know that lemons have the power to improve your mood? Made with natural lemon fruit, vitamin C and RO water, we love FruitChill because it is just the perfect treat! 
  • It isn't just your average run-of-the-mill flavour bar! We've spent months testing out our flavours to ensure that Nimboo Fruitchill marries the sweetness of lemonade with the tartness of lemons for the most joyful taste. 
  • Mouthwatering and visually appealing with a rich lemon flavour, this has become our constant companion! A handy FruitChill is also the best way to make friends and start conversations, so don’t be afraid to share! 
Water, Syrup (Water, Sugar, Preservatives (E211, E223)) Fruit Juice (1%), Lemon Juice Concentrate (0.5%), Stabizer (E466) Acidity Regulator (E330)), Vitamin C.
Flavours Nimboo
Energy (kcal) 84.4
Carbohydrate (g) 20.4
Sugar(s) 20.4
Fat(g) 0
Vitamin C(mg) 46

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