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Strawberry Fruitchill

What if you could bite into the perfect balance of sugariness and acidity to have it explode in your mouth? The Strawberry FruitChill offers our favorite tear-shaped fruit in a whole new form, delivering a citrusy experience you never knew you could have.

Rs. 1.00

Why Do We Love the Strawberry FruitChill?

  • It’s made with the ideal combination of lemon and strawberry fruit juice. Our very berry strawberry juice bar is as refreshing on your tongue as you would imagine the nostalgic taste of your favorite sherbet. While you sit back with a Strawberry FruitChill in hand, you can be satisfied knowing that you’re holding a frozen juice bar made only with the natural fruit. (Because, let’s be honest, can you even recreate that same explosive juicy flavor in a lab? We doubt it!) 
  • We’ve made sure to pack this juice bar not only with ripe and juicy notes of strawberry pulp but also oodles of Vitamin C. But, we do have to warn you that when you take the first bite of our plump and juicy red berry juice bars, prepare for a massive burst of refreshing sweetness in your mouth. So, only proceed when you are prepared to relax! 
  • Only the fruitiest, sweetest, and juiciest strawberry pulp is pasteurized, making it super safe for you to dig into. Trust us, and you’ll know it when you indulge in this delicious strawberry fruit pulp blended with the purest RO water to achieve the ideal berrylicious snack.
  • The Strawberry FruitChill has the best of all that this berry offers, the bright red color, the sweet yet tangy pulp all in the form of refreshing and cool ice. Need we say more?
Water, Syrup (Water, Sugar, Preservatives (E211, E223)) Strawberry Juice (2%) (Reconstituted From Strawberry Juice Concentrate), Stabizer (E466) Acidity Regulator (E330)), Vitamin C. CONTAINS PERMITTED SYNTHETIC FOOD COLOURS (E102, E110) AND ADDED FLAVOURS (NATURAL, NATURAL-IDENTICAL & ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURING SUBSTANCES – STRAWBERRY FLAVOUR
Flavours Strawberry
Energy (kcal) 72.3
Carbohydrate (g) 17.8
Sugar(s) 17.8
Fat(g) 0
Vitamin C(mg) 46

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